Today's legal landscape is filled with predictable challenges and a few surprises. It takes experience and resources to be prepared for both.

We know the way.

Welcome to Waypoint. Our cross-disciplinary approach helps to lead clients through the often complicated decisions that are typical when facing a new situation.

Reasons to Choose Waypoint

Understanding Business

Whether it’s the back room at the shop, or the board room of a billion dollar business, we’ve been there.

Big Skills

We aren’t the biggest firm in town, but you’d have a hard time finding one more focused on quality results.

Better Results, More Efficiently

If the path were easy, you wouldn’t need us. Our experience and resources help us to find the way for your business.

Managing change is imbedded in the insolvency work we do.

 Bob Mendes

What We Do


We help clients buy and sell assets. We also give advice about all aspects of running your business.


In a market economy, businesses sometimes face financial distress. We have extensive experience around distressed companies.


If it needs to be a fight in the courtroom, that’s what we’ll do. Not mindlessly, but with your business interests at the forefront.

Change Management

Legal problems often mask deeper organizational or financial challenges. We can assist in managing the change needed to move forward.